Signify Order Policy Change Announcement

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Dear Distributor Partner,

Due to inflationary pressures on product costs and pricing, we are adjusting our order policies, effective October 1, 2022.

The new minimum order values that are required to qualify for prepaid freight and corresponding shipping charges by category are shown in the following chart. You can continue to provide your freight account information as an alternative to incurring the shipping charges:

Signify Order Policy

We will implement an additional $75 surcharge in each of the following conditions, regardless of whether you provide your own freight account information:

  • Expedited Orders (applied to orders submitted for same day shipment – note that orders must be received by 11:30AM local time)
  • Change Order Fee (applied to any order changes requested after 24 hours of original submission)
  • Small Order Handling Fee (applied to any orders below $200) 

We will implement an additional $300 surcharge on orders for a quantity of 5 poles or less, regardless of whether you provide your own freight account information. 

There is no change to the ordering process – you can continue to submit orders as you do today, including combining orders across product categories and through our automated Signify Portal / MyLighting platform, or via EDI.

Please contact Electra Products Agency at (317) 247-5665  if you’re interested in becoming a committed Stock Ready partner and taking advantage of the great benefits the program offers! 

Thank you for your partnership.

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