Aaron Somo

Congratulations to Aaron for celebrating his first anniversary with Electra Products! He grew up in California and earned his Bachelor’s in Journalism at DePaul University. Most recently he was taking graduate classes at Arizona State for Communications. Aaron came to Indianapolis to work at Electra Products in August 2021, his first job in the electrical industry.

Aaron is the Line Champion for Advance by Signify, Philips by Signify, and BLine by Eaton. He has two words to describe his role as a Product Specialist: Customer Service. “There are a lot of places to buy what we sell, but what we do best at Electra Products is customer service. We are here to help people.”

His advice for someone coming into the electrical industry: “You are going to feel overwhelmed at first due to the sheer amount of product to learn. My first six months here was learning product. You need to know the products to function. I used to feel like I was drowning with just a few emails because everything was so new. Now I can get up to 200 emails a day and it’s much easier to keep up. It gets better but you will always be learning in this industry, no matter how long you are in it.”

You are relatively new to Indianapolis. What do you like to do here? I like to visit the dog park with my dog, Copper. We also go to Eagle Creek and hike on the trails. I also like barcades like 16-Bit. It is like Dave and Buster’s, but it has older arcade games from the 80s.

What else do you do in your spare time? Other than taking Copper to the dog park, I like playing online role-playing games and watching Anime. I never felt like I was a nerd but if I was called one, that is why. I’m also learning to play guitar.

What is your favorite movie? *Laughs* Teen Beach Movie. It’s a Disney movie I watched with my cousins when I helped homeschool them in Alaska during Covid. It pokes fun at Grease and old-style musicals and it’s one of my top 5 movies now.

Tell me about your family. We are an interesting bunch. Especially my brother and sister because we are very close but we have habits of moving very far from each other. We Zoom and game with each other online to stay together, no matter where we live.

What is your favorite sport? Football, both to play and watch. I was a running back and corner in high school. There is nothing like being on the field with the Friday night lights my junior and senior year.

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