Meet our Product Specialist, Mindy!

Mindy joined Electra Products in 2015 and is our longest-tenured Product Specialist. She has been with the electrical industry almost 40 years, working her way from a Billing Clerk to District Operations Manager at a national distributor. Mindy’s leadership continues at Electra Products as the line champion for Aitken, Anament, Batoray, Bussmann, Ericson, Intermatic, Pedoc, MGM, Nicor, Penn-Union, and Selecta.

Mindy has seen many changes in the industry since 1983. She says, “There is a lot to know. It’s a big learning curve. It doesn’t get easy but it does get easier. It’s a solid industry with talented people, and people are always going to need electricity!

What advice would you give to someone visiting Indianapolis? Visit the Circle and the monument. We are the Circle City! Circle Center is a great shopping center downtown and it is cool to look down at the traffic on the streets.

What ability do you wish you had? I really wish I learned to play a musical instrument. I love music and I wish I could play the piano or pick up a guitar. I thought I was Elton John’s biggest fan until Valerie Bertinelli on One Day at a Time said she was. I still love to see him in concert.

Do you have a favorite quote? My dad would always say, “Kid, if that’s the worst thing that happens to you all day, you’ve got it made.”

How do you define success?  I define success as being happy with what you have as opposed to having what you want.   

Name an item on your bucket list. I would like to jump out of an airplane. It would be so cool to be free and falling. I would get that feeling on a dirt bike as a kid and I’d like to feel that again.

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