Eaton’s Z-Wave Wireless Battery-Operated Anyplace Switch

Eaton’s Z-Wave Anyplace Switch gives you the flexibility of quickly installing a switch where one does not exist – no additional wiring required. You can use Eaton’s Home automation Hub or a compatible controller to associate each battery operated switch with up to (5) other Z-Wave load controlling devices. The switch comes with double sided tape & screws. You can place the switch on any flat surface or affix on a wall – truly a switch anyplace you want one! 
  • No new wiring required; seamlessly create wireless 3-ways
  • Mounts on any flat surface
  • Can be mounted to as multi-gang installation using RFBS22 adapter
  • Can be used in combination with Eaton’s Z-Wave wireless switches and dimmers
  • Can control up to (5) other Z-Wave wireless devices
  • Dedicated Dim bar that can be used to dim lights when used with Eaton’s Z-Wave wireless dimmers
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