ETi’s Complex Lighting Layout Capabilities

Every successful lighting project begins with a layout. ETi’s complex lighting layout capabilities can turn your job into a 3D rendering, allowing you to analyze numerous metrics for when spec sheets and photo-metrics just don’t cut it.

ETi has you covered! Whether you want to light up a warehouse or mechanic shop, an agricultural grow bed or even an outdoor sports complex – ETi has you covered! This software technology is actually part of ETi’s Total Lighting Solutions Program.

What is the TLS program? The TLS brings together ETi’s extensive Worldwide product portfolio as well as their Product Design and Development team in order to provide a complete, 1-Stop solution for your next lighting project. Whether the lighting project includes 1 SKU or 100 SKUs, ETi can deliver 100% coverage on your next project resulting in superior communication, coordinated delivery timing of all products and most importantly, one contact point throughout the project’s life.

Below, you will see an example of a 3D rendering and layout by ETi, which was for an outdoor sports complex that was recently completed.

Lighitng Layout Capabilities
Lighitng Layout Capabilities 2
Lighitng Layout Capabilities 4
Lighitng Layout Capabilities 5

For more information about ETi’s lighting layout capabilities, including optional 3D rendering, please contact us today! To learn more about ETi’s TLS program, please see the attached brochure.

If you’d like to learn more about ETi as a company, and see their entire offering of residential, commercial and industrial lighting fixtures, please visit their website.

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