B-Line Modified Enclosures

If your business needs industrial or commercial enclosures with special requirements, such as push button holes, special paint, unique dimensions, or accessories, our Enclosure Experts can quickly provide modified enclosure solutions.

Give us 15 minutes, and we can help you get the enclosures you want, when you need them.

Modified Enclosure Options

  • Size changes (H” x W” x D”)
  • Cutouts, Holes, Louvers and Tapped Holes
  • Special Paint
  • Special Materials
  • Special Construction
  • Rating, Listing or Certifications
  • Accessory Options

There When You Need Them

With B-Line’s Modified Enclosures, you get what you want, when you need it. On your first order, they will ship within 15 days* after receipt of order. On repeat orders, they will ship within 10 days*.

  • 1st Order – 15 days*
  • Repeat Order – 10 days*

*Based on average lead times

For further assistance, please contact one of B-Line’s Enclosure Experts.

Phone: 800-851-7415
Email:  EnclosuresTeam@Eaton.com