Keystone XFIT Area Lights


Keystone’s XFit Area Lights provide an energy saving LED solution in a modern, low profile design. 

The innovative Power Select feature allows you to select the desired lumen output in the field with a simple switch. This versatility also provides significant SKU reduction.

Features and Benefits: 

  • 3 fixture sizes within family, compact low-profile design from 70W to 290W (replacing 175W to 1000W Metal Halide Fixtures)

  • Power Select Technology on select units reduces SKUs and allows field adjustment between 3 power options

  • Built-in Keystone Driver provides 0-10V dimming paired with 6kV built-in, plus 10kV external surge protection

  • Integral latch design for hassle-free access to driver compartment

  • 4 contractor-friendly mounting options shared between all sizes

  • Four optic types available (Type II, III, IV, V)

  • DLC 5.1 Premium

  • Bi-level occupancy sensors, twist-lock photocells, and glare shield accessories available 

  • Heavy duty die cast aluminum housing with ample heat sinking 

  • Available in 120-277V or 480V

Pre-packaged kits are also available — These pre-packaged kits provide a common set-up of medium fixture, Type III or Type V optics, mounting hardware, and photocell all included in a dedicated 4000k or 5000k option. These fixtures also have Power Select Technology. Your branch can now stock a fast-moving product typically specified with long lead times.   

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