BUSSMANN SERIES (PPE) Arc Flash Suits and Accessories

Bussmann Arc Flash Suit

Arc Flash Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Introducing Bussmann series arc flash suits and accessories.

Where there is energized equipment, there will be arc flash hazards. And for 108 years, Bussmann series products have protected equipment from those hazards. Now, we’re taking a step outside the equipment to protect the individual worker.

Arc flash personal equipment (PPE) is imperative when working on or servicing energized equipment. 

Our new line of products includes:


  • 12 calorie arc flash suit*

  • 40 calorie arc flash suit*

  • 40 calorie comfort arc flash suit*

*All suits available as a kit or in component form and made in the USA


    • Electrical glove kit

    • 9-piece insulated electrician’s toolkit

arc flash suit specs
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Our goal is their goal: To ensure every member of their team goes home safe every day.


40 cal suit

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