All-Purpose Electronic Contractor Box from Intermatic


Built for Contractors, Designed for the Field

Installing a robust control or contractor box in the field can be a lot of work. From gathering components to piece-by-piece assembly, it’s often a tedious but necessary process for many commercial applications.

The new Electronic All-Purpose Contractor Box from Intermatic simplifies this task with an adaptable, field-ready control.

But what is a Contractor Box exactly? It’s an all-in-one solution that provides a durable enclosure that houses a built-in 7-day Astronomic timer and a 60 Amp 3-pole contactor, as well as optional timed photocontrol functionality and surge protection.

Help customers get the job done faster with this exciting all-in-one solution! Available to order starting today!  

Common Applications

Use the Electronic All-Purpose Contractor Box as the base for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projects.


Adaptable. Convenient. Dependable.

Simplify projects without sacrificing performance or functionality. 

The Electronic All-Purpose Contractor Box provides a secure foundation for installers to build from with intuitive scheduling options and minimal line noise between components.

Intermatic All-Purpose Call Box


Field-Ready Solution- Take the hassle out of setting up a contractor box enclosure in the field with a ready-made solution (enclosure, timer control, 60 A 3-Pole contactor) that can be easily modified to suit project needs.

Heavy-Duty Functionality- The included 3-Pole contactor allows installers to control a wide variety of load types and voltages.

Easy Modification- Add Intermatic components to the control to provide additional functionality to meet project needs, such as surge protection and timed photocontrols.

Note: Enclosure requires a 120 V input to power the timer control but loads are completely independent of supply voltage.

Standing By, Ready to Upgrade.

  • Tailor the Contractor Box to meet project needs with an assortment of Intermatic companion solutions ranging from occupancy sensors to surge protection. 

  • An open design gives installers flexibility when setting override triggers (e.g., a simple switch, occupancy sensor, countdown timer) as well as the ability to manually override schedules with a remote switch. 

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