BATORAY Increases and Decreases -Effective 2/1/23

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Dear Valued Customers:

Several of our manufacturers have recently announced price adjustments.  We are working very hard to make these changes to our system.  Please contact Electra Products Agency at (317) 247-5665 for updated pricing.

Powersonic Batteries:  Selective increases and decreases – effective February 1st
Pelican Products:  Selective 5% increase – effective February 1st
Global Glove:  Selective increases and decreases – effective February 1st
Bullhead Safety:  Selective increases – effective February 1st
Energizer / Rayovac:  Selective increases on only 13 products – effective February 13th                             
Streamlight:  6% increase on all products – effective March 1st

Thank you for doing business with us.  We greatly appreciate your understanding in this matter, and we will be working diligently to get you an updated BATORAY price list.

Joe Egbers, President
BATORAY Wholesale Distributors

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