Kevin is the Truck Driver for Electra Products.  He also works in our warehouse in shipping and loading/unloading trucks. Kevin enjoys driving: “I enjoy the open road, the freedom of that. The air, the music. I see other drivers from a new perspective now that I’m driving the truck. I love it!”  He likes providing service to our customers, “We try to get all orders out within 24 hours. Every customer is important, and we need to take care of each one. If we don’t provide the best service, someone else will.” 

When asked his favorite part about working at Electra Products, he said, “The teamwork. We have perpetual shipping and receiving. We work quickly- processing orders, semis are incoming and outgoing all the time, we pick products for orders. We couldn’t prioritize and complete all the tasks without the teamwork.” 

What’s a good place for people to visit in Indianapolis? The Speedway, the racing capital of the world! I love racing. I live in Speedway so it’s pretty much in my backyard.

What do you like to do in your free time? I enjoy live music- rock and roll, classic rock, all types of music. Some of my friends are in bands so I do photography for them and MC some of their performances.  

Are you involved in sports? I do motor cross. I also like my street bike. My girlfriend and I go on rides a lot; we ride bikes for charity events.  

What types of movies do you like? Comedy, anything with action or sports. My family will watch the couch-potato-type movies and just spend time together. 

Is there a mantra you live by? Be yourself always. Open, honest, and direct. 

What is left on your bucket list? I’ve pretty much done everything I wanted to do. I would love to go to outer space and take pictures and video. I’ve jumped out of planes and taken pictures and video, I really enjoyed that. Being able to leave the atmosphere and look down would be very humbling. 


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