DeVaughn became a member of our Electra Products family in July 2022. He works in the Warehouse as a picker and shipper. He also drives the forklift and loads the trucks. DeVaughn credits his warehouse team for helping him learn the products and the job, and he’s “trying to soak up everything.”

DeVaughn is from the Indianapolis area. He went to T.C. Howe for 8th and 9th grade, and then Arlington Tech for High School. Before coming to Electra Products, DeVaughn worked in maintenance for senior and assisted living. He now runs a maintenance and lawncare business called De’Vine Maintenance and More.

When asked about what he’s learned since he started at Electra Products, DeVaughn said he was surprised our products are everywhere. “Now when I’m looking around home or other places, I see all types of products we sell, and I know what they’re used for. Electrical products are everywhere, and they will always be around.”

Three words DeVaughn used to describe Electra Products are “amazing, warm, and truthful.” He said he was surprised the team goes out sometimes after work, just to talk and get to know each other. “My neighbor, Karen, suggested I work here, and she was right. Everyone is helping me in every way possible and I’m not used to it. It’s amazing. It’s a family.”

What’s your favorite movie? My favorite is Liar, Liar. And all the Ace Ventura movies. I love all Jim Carrey movies.

Tell me about your dogs. I love dogs. I have two American Bullies named Nola and Rocco. Nola will have puppies in December! I also have an American Pitbull named Poppie. The Bullies look like hyenas, they have patches and color called merle, which is actually a birth defect. When I lost my other dog, Cash, I had him cremated. We have the urn, a pawprint, and nose print of him from the funeral. He was my baby.

What advice would you give your younger self? Stay focused and make good decisions. Be true to yourself and don’t second-guess yourself. Go with your gut. I didn’t try hard in school and now I want to take more classes. I’m eager to learn now! I used to be shy but now I’d be the one in class raising my hand, asking too many questions.

What do you do in your spare time? I’m usually working or I’m with my son, just being a father. My son plays basketball, and we spent a lot of time traveling for AAU. He’s pretty good and he is tall! Taller than me, and he just keeps growing. When I’m not doing maintenance, cutting yards, or being a father, I just chill with my dogs or meditate. But I work a lot.

It sounds like you have a strong work ethic. I get that from my mom. She has her own cleaning business and I help her with that, too. I’m a momma’s boy. I was raised by nothing but women. I have to say “Sir” and “Ma’am.” My mom instilled that in me, and I do that with my son. It’s respectful.

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