Flextray Wire Basket Tray and Accessories Allow For Design Versatility on the Job Site


Flextray Wire Mesh Basket Tray

Flextray wire mesh basket is ideal for commercial and data center cable management, providing a flexible means of adapting your tray to fit your job-site application. 

  • Easily modified for both horizontal and vertical transitions

  • “T” weld safety-edge protects the cable and the installer during installation

  • UL classified as an equipment grounding conductor

  • Available in a variety of finishes to meet environmental and aesthetic requirements

  • Wide breadth of height and width options for straight sections

  • Many sizes stocked locally across United States and Canada for quicker delivery

Flextray with cables

Design Versatility
Flextray Wire Basket Tray and Accessories

Hung from a ceiling- mulitple support options available
Variety of powder coat options available
Drop out can be attached to bottom, side, or ends of tray; no additional hardware required
Cable Roller helps protect and maintain recommended cable radii for control, signal, fiber, and other cables.

Polypropylene Liner

Polypropylene liner

The UL certified, flame retardant polypropylene liner is designed to quickly and easily line the bottom and/or the sides of Flextray wire basket tray. 

The liner is available in both black and white to provide an aesthetic look in low voltage cable management for commercial and data center applications.

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