Hamilton Southeastern Installs ETi Grow Lights


Hamilton Southeastern is a high-performing, comprehensive high school, offering students the opportunity to have a varied and tailored educational experience. Since 1964, they have been offering dual credit courses, 19 different IHSAA sport programs and more than 60 student initiated clubs for the youth of the greater surrounding areas of Fishers, IN. Source: https://hhs.hseschools.org/about/welcome


HSE utilizes grow lights in their outdoor greenhouse for various student science experiments. The school was looking to upgrade their grow light fixtures in this area, since the existing ones they had were 400W High Pressure Sodium fixtures. The school faculty was complaining about numerous factors and inconveniences about their existing fixtures, such as:

  • Outdated fixtures that lack technology and customization
  • Fixtures have high energy costs
  • Fixtures are old and bulky, resulting in high maintenance costs to repair or replace parts
  • More long-term costs in general

Products Used:

ETi GL-72-MV

The EPA Solution:

Merrill, with Electra Products, saw that HSE was using these old fixtures for their grow lights. EPA recommended using ETi’s GL-72-MV, an LED Grow Light fixture designed to replace a 400W HID Grow fixture. These fixtures were sold to HSE by Kirby Risk Electrical Supply in Fishers, IN. The installation was simple for Nugent Electric (a contractor in Anderson, IN) — the ballasts and old fixtures were removed and the LED fixtures were installed to create better light and superior growing conditions for the students.


The school was able to save on energy costs and avoid future, long-term maintenance costs by installing these LED fixtures. The teachers and students saw an exponential increase in growth rates and growth size of their plants and fish. This is due to the fixtures featuring an automatic algorithm that provides the best grow light patterns without any user interaction required. Students are now able to run their experiments under superior lighting conditions that increase the efficiency of their experiments, and ultimately improves the educational experience.

At Electra Products, we strive to provide the right product, to the right person, at the right time in order to satisfy each customer’s personal needs. Contact us today and let EPA assist you on your next project.

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