Seismic Cable Bracing Solution by EATON

Seismic Cable Bracing Solution


Seismic Cable Kit System

The B-Line series seismic cable bracing kits, featuring the patented KwikWire™ tool-less clamp, are up to 50% faster to install over traditional cable bracing methods.

Tested by an independent lab and stamped by a Professional Engineer, the seismic cable bracing kits are designed to brace non-structural equipment and distribution systems to help minimize damage from a seismic event.

Additionally, as an alternative to rigid bracing system attachments, the B-Line series seismic cable bracing kit is ideal for electrical, mechanical and plumbing applications in new and retrofit commercial

Cable bracing is required where vibration isolation is installed or on projects with an extended drop length from the structure.

Features & Benefits

Kits include wire assembly and KwikWire clamp
Cut to length SKUs for 10 ft. and 20 ft. kits
Color tags for visual verification of correct wire size
Quickly wraps around open web bar joist, no drilling required*
Clamp requires no tools to install
Third party tested in an independent laboratory. Reviewed and stamped by a Professional Engineer
Ideal for new or retrofit applications
Light-weight, easy to carry around the job site
Aesthetic appeal, blends in with upper structural supports
Compatible with many B-Line series fastener, anchor, and hanger products


Seismic cable applications

Along with reliable, quality products that deliver lower total installed cost, Eaton provides pre-engineered details for lateral and longitudinal bracing of cable tray, single hung systems, and more.

Maximize your productivity by utilizing our seismic engineering services:

  • BOM assistance
  • Submittal packages
  • Engineered design layout
  • PE Stamp in all 50 states and Canada

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