Intermatic NightFox™ LED Photocontrols

Intermatic NightFox Series photocontrols

As the industry shifts away from traditional lighting fixtures in favor of LEDs, it’s important to know how this might change our approach to lighting fixture accessories such as photocontrols.

Say Goodnight to LED Photocontrol Maintenance – Make a Smart Investment

Choosing premium NightFox Photocontrols save owners 3-4 maintenance trips to the fixture, when compared to traditional photocontrol options. Make the switch to NightFox Electronic Photocontrols and stay worry-free with LED.

Key Features

  • Universal Compatibility – NightFox Photocontrols are designed, tested and warrantied to match the long 8- to 15-year lifespan of LED fixtures. They’re also backwards compatible with all traditional light sources (e.g., HID, Incandescent) and compatible with all service voltages (105-305 VAC).
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – A long-life design allows installers to sync photocontrol and fixture maintenance schedules, resulting in fewer nuisance service calls and lower equipment costs.
  • Superior Technology – Built-in zero-crossing technology with high-precision calibration, as well as industry-leading manufacturing processes, helps ensure each photocontrol has a lifespan of 10- to 20-years.
  • Faster Installation – Verify functionality of newly-installed controls in seconds by covering the sensor (unlike thermal controls which have a delayed ON/OFF trigger).
  • Long-Life Warranty – All electronic photocontrols are backed by an 8- to 12-year warranty.
Thermal vs NightFox Photocontrols

The Hidden Cost of Photocontrol Maintenance

Pairing an LED fixture with a thermal photocontrol requires installers to make extra trips to the light fixture
just to replace the photocontrol. Under ideal conditions, a thermal photocontrol will last just 3-5 years, requiring at least one extra replacement during the life of a typical LED. Often, replacement is required more frequently due to premature failure caused by the high inrush currents of LED drivers.

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