Two Scoops of Protection: Eaton’s Isolated Ground GFCI

Eaton GCFI two scoops of protection promo

How do you like your circuit protection served?

The 2020 NEC code requires GFCI protection in areas with a sink and permanent provisions for food preparation, such as quick service restaurants, ice cream parlors, and cafes. In these retail applications, electronic noise can interfere with sensitive equipment such as cash registers or computers. 

Eaton’s Isolated Ground GFCI receptacles serve a double scoop of protection by not only helping to protect users from electrical shock, but also by minimizing disruptions from electronic noise, making them the perfect solution for meeting code requirements, and protecting equipment.  

Contact Electra Products Agency at (317) 247-5665 or visit for more information and go all-in on the toppings – we won’t judge.

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