Electra Products 2021 Bracket Challenge: Standings at the Final Four

Electra Products 2021 Bracket Prizes

Electra Products 2021 Bracket Challenge

Who's going to win the grill and coolers?

Follow the action at our Electra Products 2021 group: http://bit.ly/3bM0gP8

We have only THREE brackets choosing Baylor in the Championship Game and TWO choosing Houston.

Of the brackets being tracked manually, ONE still has a fighting chance: 570 points so far. Gonzaga and Baylor in the final game with Gonzaga winning it all.

2021 NCAA bracket March 31

Good luck to those still in. We hope you’re having fun!

Please contact marketing@electraproducts.com if you have any questions about the EPA 2021 Bracket Challenge. Thank you!

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