Keystone’s Smart Port LED Sensors

Keystone Smart Port LED Sensors

Improve efficiency with ease like you've never seen before.

Keystone’s award winning Smart Port LED sensors add controls in seconds via a 3.5mm auxiliary port connection.

Don’t want to use a sensor right now? No problem. Get all the usual benefits of Keystone’s DirectDrive HID LED lamps, and have the flexibility to easily add a sensor later on.

Keystone HID LED lamps with Smart Port technology:
• 360° DirectDrive (all generation 3 models)
• 360° DirectDrive (80W and 100W generation 2 models)
• Vertical DirectDrive (60W)
• Vertical DirectDrive (80W and 115W generation 2 models)

Smart Port LED sensor options:
• Microwave Sensor (KTS-MW1-12V-AUX)
• PIR Sensor (KTS-PIR1-12V-AUX)
• Photo (Daylight) Sensor (KTS-PS1-12V-AUX)

Keystone is offering a free sample of these sensors! Go to to claim yours today!