Selecta 3M Price Increase

Selecta was recently notified (as were many Electrical Distributors) that 3M will be implementing a price change on some of their products effective 2-1-2020. For this reason, we are passing along this notification to our distributor partners about the upcoming change. Below is a copy of 3M’s notice for your reference. 

On February 1, 2020, 3M will introduce changes in pricing.

3M understands the impact price adjustments have on our customers. We continue to leverage our strong global sourcing network, optimize our manufacturing technologies and accelerate our use of lean processes to reduce the overall cost impact to minimize price adjustments. However, you may notice a price change for some products due to various factors including inflation and material supplier increases.

Please remember, Selecta charges distributor partners the same General Distributor Price that 3M charges its customers.

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